Day 334 • The 27th of May, 2023

Day 334 • The 27th of May, 2023

Shayla Maddox
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🌄 Day 334/365

I’m feeling a bit refreshed. We cleaned our apartment top to bottom after the beetle issue (and was told by many that it’s a seasonal thing and lots of people are dealing with them.) It’s nice having a fully cleaned apartment, including emptying out the room that was only used for storage, so now it can be used for… something else. And I haven’t seen a beetle since!

Most importantly I went to South Kihei (I live in North Kihei) for the first time since mid March and got to see a few friends and hear music in these lovely gardens I like and briefly visit the bar I used to work at and generally be out doing things. It was kind of revolutionary given my life these last few months. It was good for my mental health and entire attitude. Except for 3 days in Hāna, which helped kick off an interest in doing things again, I’ve mostly caved up in my bedroom. I’d definitely been feeling stuck. It’s weird how quickly that happens. I knew I was making my physical health (which was already an issue) worse by closing off to the world. Granted, yes, for much of it I was facilitating and coordinating a lot of my mom’s health needs from here in my apartment so that makes sense but now that my mom has been able to be out and enjoying herself more I figured I should too.

Lovely seeing some of you. I felt more like myself again. 💜

Also — birdies!

This sunrise was captured in Kīhei, Maui at 5:44am on the 27th of May, 2023.

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