Day 365 • The 27th of June, 2023

Day 365 • The 27th of June, 2023

Shayla Maddox
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🌄 Day 365/365

I spent a long time out there today. I wanted to capture every possible moment, from first light until well after the sun had officially risen. 153 photos in all. Perhaps I didn’t quite want to let go.

Well, I guess that’s that. Today’s the last time my alarm will go off, letting me know it’s first light, the last time I will run to the window to check the conditions, the last time I will stand on my patio in the cool of the morning watching the clouds or lack thereof pass over me in the sky. Unless I want to, of course. From now on it is purely a choice, no longer beholden to an art project that I created and committed to for an entire year. From now on it’s just another sunrise. When I see it again after today it will be like greeting an old friend, silently catching up together as the roosters crow and the wind blows my hair back. Enchanté, I will say. Nice to see you again.

Thank you to each and every one of you who followed this project as it grew from a tiny idea into a grand and profound work of art. Thank you for your encouragement, your enthusiasm, and your participation. It’s been a wild ride. I’ve experienced many joys, trials, and complex emotions throughout this journey, with each morning’s sky as a backdrop to my inner world. Thank you for reading my words and giving me a reason to express them. This project has given me new life. I hope you take a little bit of it with you on your journey as well. If you catch a good sunrise, send me a photo.

No more alarms. No more planning out my angles. I end this project on my lanai, where it began, completing a full orbit of the sun. A full circle. From now on I do not wait for the light to come to me. I create it from within.


Today’s sunrise was captured in Kīhei, Maui at 5:47am on the 27th of June, 2023.

Printed on lustre photo paper.

Shipping included. Can be printed even larger on request.